Senior/Intermediate Electrical Engineer P. Eng

Makami Group is looking for an exceptional Electrical Engineer P.Eng. with Intermediate to Senior level experience.  This individual would play a leadership role in the development of an electrical / instrumentation department at Makami Engineering Group.  Working with other disciplines, this individual would form part of a multi-discipline team of professionals providing engineering services throughout North America and Africa.

The successful candidate will be tasked with developing and growing the electrical engineering department including hiring, mentoring, and developing employees as well as working with other Makami management personnel for strategic decision making within the business.  The successful candidate will be actively working with a wide variety of Makami Clients in a variety of industries and on unique and challenging engineering problems.  This is an exciting, challenging opportunity for an individual who is highly driven and not afraid of creating new opportunities. 

This individual would be key to the future development at Makami Engineering and as such would be given the opportunity for growth and development within the management framework of Makami Engineering Group.

If you are looking for a rewarding and challenging work experience please forward your curriculum vitae (CV) to

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