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Growing up in Sudbury, Kyle Beaudry enjoyed the freedom that came with powersports, spending his time on quads and snowmobiles and anything that allowed him to be outdoors. 

Being hard on these vehicles, Beaudry was constantly tweaking, fixing, and upgrading them. He was a kid intrigued with how things worked, and from an early age, often took machines apart to find out what made them move. 

This interest in the mechanical would eventually help shape his career path.

“I always wanted to go into a career where I could do something similar. And that’s where mechanical engineering came in,” said Beaudry. “Originally I wanted to do automotive engineering. The next best thing was mechanical engineering and I’m glad I went into that because I’m able to design similar mechanical components I worked on as a kid.”

Beaudry is an intermediate mechanical engineer intern at Makami Engineering Group in Sudbury. Kyle has fulfilled all the application requirements for registration as Professional Engineer and is expecting his designation this month. 

Beaudry brings a diverse set of skills and experience to Makami, previously working at Icon Mining, a consulting firm for mechanical equipment where he designed chutes, loading pockets, buckets, and various other mechanical equipment, and later for Minecat (now Koveterra), where he designed and customized personnel vehicles used for underground mining.

However, Beaudry wanted to go back to consulting for mechanical equipment, so joining Makami was a natural fit. It’s an opportunity to apply his knowledge and experience and apply that to the work he’s doing today. He said what he loves most about his job is that every day brings a new project and challenge, and he can utilize the cutting-edge technology at Makami to get the job done.  

“Six years that I have been in the industry, it’s changed for me quite a bit,” he said. “Where I worked before, we didn’t have 3D scanners. It was really old school, so when I was doing reverse engineering, I was using a tape measure and calipers,” adding that the 3D scanners and modelling software have completely changed the way he does mechanical and machine design.  

Beaudry said they can use the 3D scanner to scan the area and then he can easily take those scans and model from them with a lot more accuracy and efficiency.  With the scan data, Makami can analyze components and systems using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA is a tool used to predict stress, fatigue, stretch and other variables within a component when it is subject to various loads such as force and pressure. The engineering group has highly skilled individuals performing these analyses, including mechanical engineers and intermediate engineers in training that are educated in engineering principles and these types of analysis specifically. This ensures results are accurate and interpreted correctly.

At Makami, not only does Beaudry enjoy his work, but he said he also appreciates the opportunity to serve the local industrial companies that have been a part of his family for decades. For example, his father has been the general manager at King Shotcrete for the past 25 years, and his grandfather was a miner his entire career. 

“It’s always been a part of my family so I’m very grateful to be doing work for local mines and clients,” he said. “It’s especially cool that I get to sit at a supper table with my grandfather comparing his old days of mining versus when I go underground nowadays, and he loves to hear about me going underground because he gets to relive his memories.” 

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