Way to go Danielle Matte with the expertise for the Removal & Replacement of the Compartment Structure and Engineering Support for the removal of the Headframe Sheave House, Sheave Wheels and Sheave Deck!

headframe 3 unsure 2

Detailed Engineering by Danielle: Conveyance and ropes removed to facilitate the removal and replacement of the sheave house, the sheave wheels (which were scanned in place to provide proper alignment afterward) as well as the sheave deck. The wheels and deck are not being replaced so extra caution needs to be used. The 9 compartment columns are being removed and replaced from top of collar house roof to the sheave deck. Partial removal and replacement of the bin house roof will then occur as well as creating a hoistwell within the headframe to perform all of this work with the end goal of shaft steel replacement.

Makami completed the scope of work detailing the sequence for all removals as well as the shoring in the headframe to remove all compartment columns safely. The crane operators disassembled the headframe in a specific sequence creating stability and therefore not inducing any instabilities.

Stay tuned for the next Phase of Danielle’s Headframe Engineering Support.